About Me Extended
Apr 2019


Frank Benitez

About Me Extended

Oranime was founded as a way to connect anime fans, to keep fans in the loop about new and old series, and to offer authentic products partnered with legitimate companies.

I got into anime when I was a freshman in high school.  One night I was flipping through channels and stumbled upon a showing of Bleach on Cartoon Network.  At the time I was convinced that anime was not for me. Some of my friends have already been well on their way with anime by watching shows like Naruto, but not me. That night was a huge change, I vividly remember the fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow.  I was enthralled by the scenery of Hueco Mundo and the action that surrounded it.  It was something I've never seen before.

Bleach was the first official anime that I binged on my schools laptop, I was hooked for sure.  

The next big jump that I took was with One Piece.  This turned out to be the pinnacle of anime for me.  It had a rich universe to explore, scattered with lovable characters all around.  It’s story is as grand as something like Star Wars.  To me it is never ending because there is always a new island to explore.  One Piece made me laugh, cheer, and cry (to many times than I want to admit).

One Piece was what drove me to start cosplaying.  Luffy was the perfect character to start with, and I was pretty sure I could pull it off with a bit of creativity.  Being able to create my own costume and take it to conventions was an adventure in itself.

My love for anime was at the peak at this point and helped me stumble upon Anime Orlando in 2014 while looking for cosplay materials.  I was very fortunate to have come here because it led to me some pretty great friends.  I became very involved in the local anime scene and attended my fair share of events.  I won some competitions and became known as Frank the Tank.

Flash forward to 2019, I wanted to create an online marketplace that I could personalize as my own with the experiences that I have built since those very first days of watching anime on a school laptop.  I’m not a huge corporation like Crunchyroll or Viz Media. I’m just a guy trying to find the freedom to write about the things I am passionate about and share it with my fellow anime community. 

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