Fruits Basket
Apr 2019


Frank Benitez

Fruits Basket

If you’ve been watching the Spring 2019 catalog then you may have stumbled across the new adaptation of 2001’s Fruits Basket.  I never had the pleasure of watching the original anime so this is my first exposure to the series, and frankly I’ve been enjoying it so far.  Analyzing the original and adaptation is a great study of how art style has changed over the years. This adaptation serves to be a better telling of the story due to Takaya’s disappointment with the staff and studio over the original anime, there is an entirely new cast and staff working on this version.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this series progresses and what kind of changes eagle eyed fans notice. I think in the first episode they did a good job of setting up the main character, her backstory adds weight to what is to come. Seeing the male characters transform into zodiac animals was a nice twist and great way to end the first episode.

Recently it has seemed that remakes have been becoming more frequent.  We’ve been seeing them in our movies, games, and anime. What do you think of remakes?  Should studios and publishers spend more time coming up with new ideas or is it good to revisit old classics in order to introduce them to a new generation?

What is your favorite remake of the last five years? It can be a game, movie, show, or anime

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