Smash Bros Ultimate and the inclusion of Joker from Persona 5!
Apr 2019

Joker (no not the one from Batman) but from the hit JRPG that took everyone’s heart in 2017 is sneaking his way into Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch on April 17th!  Included with the character is the stage mementos which players of the game will know is the subway dungeon that the phantom thieves fight through to uncover the secrets of Morgana and the strange happenings that have been consuming Tokyo.  This stage is going to be so cool because of the music, the fact that they are adding music from Persona 3 and 4 just warms my heart. Music as you may know truly adds to the Persona experience, it wouldn’t be a Persona game if you weren’t jamming out to some sick beats while battling. Many smash players will have their hearts stolen and become a part of the incredible fanbase that already exists for the game and series.  In addition to the music the other phantom thieves will be showing up in the stage with their original voice actors.

Persona 5 is a must play for anyone who is a fan of jrpgs or just anime in general.  It follows a high school student who is wrongly accused of a crime, he transfers to Tokyo and is labeled a delinquent.  The main theme of the story is embracing the rebellious, youthful nature of your soul to combat the injustices that make up a society.  Through the course of a 70+ hour game you will come across adult themes such as prostitution, sexual abuse, employee manipulation, political corruption, and profiteering.  Just like in real life the progression of the game is tied to a calendar where you have limitations of how much you can do in one day. This adds incredibly to the role playing and is one of my favorite parts of the Persona games.  I think the part that can be attributed the most to Joker’s inclusion in Smash Brothers is the UI design of Persona 5, it oozes with style. This has been stated as the creator of Smash Bros (Sakurai) favorite part of the game. The transitions are seamless, the colors pop, and the music selection is wonderful.  This attention of detail also carries over to the combat segments of the game.  In Smash this carries over with his victory screen which incorporates the original screen, music and all.  His final smash is the all out attack which brings in the phantom thieves for their iconic finisher.

For those that don’t know Persona 5 also has an anime series attached to it albeit not as great as actually playing the game it does do a fair job at adapting the plot and serves as a great recap or quick refresher of the story if you don’t want to bother grinding through the game.

Update those Ultimate copies because Joker comes alongside version 3.0 on April 17th, contact me if you want to get some matches in or just want to talk all things Persona related! See you out there tricksters.


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